The courses covers various aspects of antimicrobial resistance. The courses ranges from basic to advanced microbiological concepts including basic bacteriology, bacterial identification, antimicrobial susceptibility methods, mechanism of action/ resistance of antibiotics, significant multidrug resistant bacteria, one health approach towards AMR, antimicrobial stewardship, therapeutic strategies against AMR, role of bioinformatics in AMR, AMR in relation to infection prevention and control, role of vaccines in reducing AMR and global strategies on AMR.

In order to have access to the courses, you have to first sign up to the website (name, address, email etc). Login will be used to access the courses.

There is no specific time limit for the completion of a single course. All courses are free to access anytime.

The courses are divided into lectures depending on content to facilitate easy understanding understand in the given time period.

The maximum time limit to complete a single lecture in the course, followed by quiz is 3 hours. If the student is not able to complete the lecture and the quiz in given time, he/she have to take the lecture.

Yes, it is compulsory to take all the lectures in a course in order to get an e-certificate of the given course.

Yes, all the courses have separate e-certificates. You can take any course of your choice and interest.

When you complete and pass a quiz of a lecture, then you can have access to the next lecture of the same course. If you are unable to get the passing percentage in the quiz, you have to take the lecture again.

Yes, all the lectures of all the courses have quiz at the end. The quiz is in the form of MCQs related to the lecture.

All the courses have free access. There is no amount to be paid for the courses and the e-certificate.

The quizzes are MCQs based. There are three or four options for every question out of which only one option is correct. You have to select a single option and submit your answer.