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Mechanism of Action of Antibiotics

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Mechanism of Action of Antibiotics


About the Module

The module aims towards understanding of mechanism of action of antibiotics. This module tells about the difference in bacteriostatic and bactericidal drugs, mechanism of action of antibiotics by different ways, classes and mechanism of different types of antibiotics and their use against certain pathogens.

Module Learning Outcomes

At the end of module students will

  • LO1: Be able to differentiate Bacteriostatic and bactericidal drugs
  • LO2: Comprehend various antibiotic mechanism of action
  • LO3: Identify various cell wall functions and actions of antibiotics
  • LO4: Explain prokaryotic protein synthesis and action of antibiotics
Module Contents
  • Bacteriostatic and bactericidal drugs
  • Antibiotic Mechanisms of Action
  • Selective toxicity
  • Inhibition of cell wall synthesis
  • Inhibition of cell membrane function
  • Inhibition of protein synthesis
  • Inhibition of nucleic acid synthesis


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  1. Ayesha Bibi

    It’s an easy approach to access the knowledge about mechanism of action on antibiotics.

  2. arin

    How can I have access to all courses

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