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Introduction to Bacteria

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Introduction to Bacteria


About the Module

The module aims towards basic concepts in microbiology including bacterial cell structure, its growth process and metabolism.

Module Learning Outcomes

At the end of module students will

  • LO1: Be able to describe the bacterial cell structure
  • LO2: Be able to understand the difference between gram positive and gram negative cell wall
  • LO3: Recall the classification of bacteria
  • LO4: Explain the bacterial growth mechanism
  • LO5: Review microbial behaviors
Module Contents
  • Introduction to microbiology
  • Important feature of microbes
  • Classification of bacteria
  • Structure
  • Microbial behaviors in environment
  • Bacterial metabolism
  • Bacterial Growth


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  1. Minnen khan


  2. Dr Nasir azim

    it is an important online course but on completion of module certificate that is provided does not have candidate name . i think on certificate name of candidate should be provided .

    • amrlms

      Hello Dr Nasir Azim

      You can resolve the issue by updating your Display Name:
      To change Display name: Access your Profile-> Settings-> General -> Enter name under the Display Name textbox.
      Please retake the course to generate a new certificate.
      Sorry For the inconvenience. 🙂
      Happy Learning

  3. hiba-kamran


    I wish I could do anything for members who made efforts to make this course available for us and free of cost. I am honored to be the part of this activity. Thanks a million team for giving this opportunity.

  4. Amal Hussain

    Really informative

  5. Mehreen shahid

    I am unable to open the course . Kindly guide me please

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